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Have you considered security cage bike lockers?

Have you considered security cage bike lockers?

05th November 2019

Bike security continues to be a significant challenge for both the private and public sectors. As more people attempt to substitute pedal power for gas-guzzling cars or vans, the need to ensure that suitable bike storage is available becomes more of a priority. In addition, modern, high-spec bikes can easily cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. This makes them a prime target for thieves, particularly when the bikes are out in the open, secured only by a relatively flimsy lock. A popular solution that provides an awesome level of protection for bikes is a security cage bike locker.

Powder-coated, galvanised mesh cages

A mesh cage provides an initial layer of security that needs to be breached before the bike becomes a viable target. Mesh cages are made from galvanised metal, resulting in an enormously strong coated structure to protect them from the weather. With a strong lock on the entrance, a mesh bike cage offers an instant security solution.

Versatile location for bike storage

A mesh storage cage for bikes can be located either indoors or outdoors – wherever there’s a convenient space on site. Bike rests, and additional locking points inside the bike cage adds further security, meaning that the risk of theft is negligible. The fact that the mesh isn’t opaque means that people inside the cage are immediately visible. This makes policing the storage easier, as any security measures can easily spot movement or unauthorised entry.

Mesh cage – neat, appropriate, secure bike storage

If there isn’t bespoke storage, bikes often end up locked to posts, fences and other solid structures. Not only does this lead to an increased risk of theft, but a locked bike may also block pedestrian space, hinder the progress of vehicles or cause damage to existing structures. A bike cage removes all these potential problems, at the same time as sending out a clear message that your organisation is doing their bit to facilitate green travel.

The growing focus on cycling as an environmentally friendly, healthy method of transport is hard to ignore. However, putting in place suitable bike storage is better for your business, your employees and the planet!

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