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3 locations where a bike locker is a must

3 locations where a bike locker is a must

13th October 2020

We are all becoming more concerned with our health than ever before. This has seen many people choose to hop on their bikes in order to get fit and get around. One key thing to help make this easier is having tough, secure bike lockers to store bicycles in. Most locations could benefit from this but there are some where lockers for bikes are essential. But which are these?

Bike Locker for Schools

One place where robust bike lockers come in very useful is in schools. School security is at the top of every Head Teachers agenda and installing lockers for people to use is essential. This is not only for pupils but also for any staff who cycle into work. Having lockers for bikes on-site helps to give cyclists somewhere safe to store their bike and to keep it secure from being stolen. In addition, it will also help to keep bikes from being left around school grounds, where they could be a Health and Safety hazard.

Bike Storage in Workplaces

Whether it is bike lockers on the grounds of your office building or on your warehouse or factory site, they come in handy in most work settings. As in schools, bike lockers give workers somewhere secure to store their bike when they clock on. This means that they can focus solely on their job and not get distracted about their bike being stolen or damaged. Cycle lockers will also keep your site looking tidier and more professional to impress clients with.

Bike Security in public leisure centres

One other location where cycle lockers prove useful is public leisure centres or public swimming baths. As these facilities are there to help people be active, it makes sense to encourage them to hop on their bike to get there, if possible. By installing bike lockers, you not only give them somewhere secure to store their bike but also make it easier to travel to you in a healthy way. Having facilities like this will also make any public baths or leisure centres more appealing for people to use.

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