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Emergency Services

Fencing for Emergency Services

Even though health and emergency services are for the public good and save lives and lessen personal harm and injury, they are still sadly prone to mindless attack and criminal damage. At Zaun, we continually look at individual sectors to analyse how best to serve their needs. In the health and emergency services market, although the sector is for the public good and save lives and lessen personal harm and injury, they are still sadly prone to mindless attack and criminal damage, whether this is a police or fire station or a hospital. Contact Zaun for fencing for emergency services.

Physical Security for Police

Whether the physical security requirement is for the police station’s perimeter security, holding cells or for the contraband storage area or more. Zaun’s in house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can provide the solutions and produce fit for purpose fencing to suit the requirements.

LPCB LPS1175 security rated perimeter fencing and gates, rated at SR1 (A1) to SR4 (D10) to CPNI rated and approved fencing and gates to BASE, Enhanced and High ratings Secured By Design Approved, Zaun has the solution.

Fencing for Hospitals

Employers have to do everything in their powers to reduce risks to their workers and to the public they serve and the buildings and equipment they use. This means hospitals, health centres, nursing homes, and mental health units routinely secure their boundaries, control access to units and specific areas and monitor who goes in and out. It is now commonplace to see CCTV and card-control access and even perimeter intruder detection systems and high-security toppings on fence lines.

The same applies to emergency services stations where vehicles are stored and maintained. Response crews wait on duty to be called out to emergencies, including police, fire, ambulance, air ambulance and coastguard stations. Zaun can provide solutions to protect staff and the public and monitor access to specific areas of the site. Zaun’s range of perimeter fencing, which can be supplied with various additional security options including monitoring software, CCTV, intruder detection and access control, ensures that both the staff and public are kept safe and secure.


Fire Station Fencing

Although the fire service provides a public service and is there to help and assist people in their time of need, they are still a target for vandals, thieves, trespassers and other miscreants. Zaun supply the fire service with perimeter security fencing, demarcation fencing, railings and security gates to protect their key assets.

Zaun supply secured by design accredited fencing and gates to buildings and sites that require a guaranteed level of security. Tested and approved by external test houses including BRE to LPCB LPS 1175 SR1 to SR4.

Prison Fencing

Zaun has a wide range of prison mesh and perimeter security solutions specifically designed for prisons and mental health units in the UK and worldwide. Zaun’s experience in the prison market puts us in good stead to provide ideal solutions for high-security institutions.

Our 358 fencing and gates range has been designed and approved by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for use in prison institutions around the UK. Our continuous investment in our manufacturing capabilities has ensured that we can provide high-security perimeter, fencing and gate solutions for specific requirements.

Our standard 358 mesh fencing range is designed with small climb resistant welded mesh apertures and welds that eliminate foot and finger holds and prevents objects and contraband from being passed through the fence to inmates.

Latest Emergency Service News

Zaun fencing first at Vancouver psychiatric hospital

A psychiatric hospital in Vancouver, Canada, has been upgraded with British security fencing without impinging on the facility’s ongoing operation. British Columbia fencing installer Streamline Fencing Ltd has installed 300m of British steel mesh manufacturer Zaun Ltd’s HiSec 358 fencing to secure the 190-bed Colony Farms Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Vancouver. They worked successfully alongside

Zaun to make Apex railings

An intriguing collaboration has brought steel fencing and railing manufacturer Zaun together with Top Security Fencing’s innovative railless system. Zaun manufactures the patented weldless Apex railings system in its state-of-the-art factory and markets it in partnership with Top Security. Zaun’s new tube laser cutter is ideal for providing the neat, clean holes in the horizontal

EyeLynx security solution for fire service

Software security expert EyeLynx has been chosen to supply video analytics and closed-circuit television (CCTV) for a five-year contract to upgrade the access control and perimeter security system for a county fire service. Zaun Group company EyeLynx will provide its SharpView Corporate solution with built-in 100% resilience to record and manage full high definition (HD)

Zaun clad Ipswich Police Station

Suffolk Police have specified sheet cladding over steel mesh fencing at a Police Station in Ipswich. Steel fencing manufacturer Zaun has installed its HiSec Super8 fencing in Ipswich to secure it against potential trespassers and thieves. The four-storey office block had stood empty since it was built in 2000 by Agilent Technologies next to the A14

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