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What makes HiSec 358 anti-climb?

What makes HiSec 358 anti-climb?

26th May 2021

High-security fencing is a wise choice when thinking of how to protect your site best. It is a great way to secure your perimeter from small businesses to large government complexes and keep out unauthorised visitors. But, of course, to be most effective, any sort of fencing must be difficult for people to climb. At Zaun, we manufacture a variety of fencing systems for installation at security sites. Our HiSec 358 mesh fencing is a popular choice due to its superb anti-climb properties.

But what is it exactly, and why is it so hard to get over?

What is HiSec 358 security fencing?

In simple terms, it is a tough and robust style of perimeter fencing which is ideal for a wide range of sites. The 358 in the title refers to the fencing aperture and the wire gauge in old Imperial measurements. These measurements mean that the vertical wires are 76.2mm (3 inches) from centre to centre, while the horizontal ones are 12.7mm (or 0.5 inches) from centre to centre. The gauge used is 4mm and also known as Gauge 8.

Why is HiSec 358 considered anti-climb?

While no perimeter fencing can claim to be 100% impossible to scale, our HiSec 358 range does have excellent anti-climb properties. This makes it very tough for intruders to get over. Much of this is down to the design and measurements which are shown above.

The ‘358’ welded mesh design makes it difficult for intruders to get fingers into the fence apertures when trying to climb over it. Unless they have climbing aids, they will be doubtful to succeed.

Our HiSec 358 fencing also has other features which make it anti-climb, including the size of the panels available in heights of up to 7.2m high in a single panel, which will put most people off from trying to get over it. Our standard 358 fencing also has no climbing aids on the panels themselves (such as v-beams, which can be manufactured upon request), which people could use for assistance. There is also the option of adding additional security measures, such as cranked toppings, electric fencing and PIDs. This makes it even tougher to climb and breach for those up to no good. If you also remember to remove on-site climbing aids such as trees or lamp posts close to the fencing, it is tough for any intruder to scale the fence.

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If you like the anti-climb properties this fencing comes with, then get in touch to order yours today. At Zaun, we have many years of experience in manufacturing anti-climb fencing across a variety of sectors. Contact us at [email protected] for more details.