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3 summer sports where fencing comes in handy

3 summer sports where fencing comes in handy

06th August 2020

Summer is a fabulous time of year for getting outside and playing sports. One crucial aspect of any sport, though, is the area it is played. Having the pitch or court in good order is vital to enjoying the game and having the best time. While a few different elements go into this, top-class sports fencing is certainly one of the most important.

But which summer sports do fencing improve and why?


Although football is not a classic summer sport in terms of when the professionals play, it is enjoyed all year round by people in real life. But what can sports fencing bring to any outside pitch? One of the major benefits is that it can stop the ball from going outside the pitch all the time and having to be collected by players. In addition, perimeter fencing like this can also keep the people playing safe from any would-be intruders getting onto the pitch.


Basketball is a great sport to play outside in summer on outdoor basketball courts. Security fencing is a great choice here as it can stop vandals from getting onto the courts when they are not in use. As woven or welded mesh fencing is tough to scale, it means you can rest assured any basketball courts are perfectly safe for an evening. As with fencing for football pitches, another great benefit is keeping the ball in play if anyone throws too high and misses the hoop!


Of course, tennis is a proper Summer sport that many people in the UK love to play. However, having durable security fencing in place for courts has a range of features that you might not have considered before. As well as making the courts look more attractive to players, the right fencing also gives solo players something to practice against when waiting for their opponent. When you also add in the safety it provides from threats like out of control vehicles coming onto courts from the road; it is clear what advantages are on offer.

Choose Zaun for tough and attractive fencing for summer sports.

If your sports pitches or courts do not yet have security fencing installed, why not think about taking the plunge? Here at Zaun, we are industry-leading experts in manufacturing and installing mesh fencing for courts and outdoor pitches. With COVID-19 lockdown measures now beginning to ease across the UK, now is the ideal time to spruce your pitches and courts up to attract people back.