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How to stop footballs going over the fence

How to stop footballs going over the fence

23rd April 2020

How to stop footballs going over the fence is a typical problem in most back gardens during the summer months, while school playgrounds and sports pitches suffer the same fate every break time, all year round.

But with our excellent sports fencing options at Zaun, there is a simple solution to put a stop to this irritation. Our friendly, expert team can carry advice on the best solution for you, design, deliver and install your brand new football fencing.

So whether you own commercial sports pitches that require better fencing solutions, need something new for your school grounds, or simply need something at home to stop annoying the neighbours, call our team with your questions.

Give the school playground a refurb

With the children taking a much longer break than usual this summer, now is the perfect time to get some extra jobs done around the school, assuming working restrictions are lifted.

One job that possibly gets overlooked is the need for extra perimeter fencing around the playground to prevent the kids from losing footballs every break time.

Our range of excellent fencing options are suitable for playgrounds and designated sports pitches, and also act as additional security fencing too.

Ideal for commercial sports pitches

If you run a commercial sports facility, our range of sports fencing can help revamp your pitches and give a great experience for your customers and stop footballs going over the fence.

For players hiring a football pitch, they won’t want to waste half of their pitch time chasing after balls which have sailed over the fence. So improve your facility with higher, stronger football fencing, allowing your paying customers maximum game time and an enhanced experience. If the welded mesh fencing is still not considered high enough to keep the balls within the sports area, additional ball stop netting may be provided above the fence.