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Zoo Enclosure Fencing

The security and safety of visitors and animals are of the utmost importance for any zoo or wildlife park. It is important to ensure zoos and wildlife parks meets the standards and specifications required.  To do this, we need to make sure that visitors can see the animals and maintain the safety and security of the spectators and the animals. In a modern attraction, visitors like to feel like the animals are with them at the attraction and not that they are visiting animals trapped in a cage. The animals need to have enough space to move about and keep dangerous animals away from the visitors.

Fencing needs to be carefully selected to suit the animal that is being contained. Not every fence is suitable for all animals; therefore, consultation from Zoo advisors and fence manufacturers such as Zaun must ensure the fencing supplied is fit for purpose.

Types of Zoo Enclosure Fencing

Zaun has a wide range of Zoo enclosure fencing systems available; each can be designed to suit various applications within the Zoo environment, from feeding pens to holding areas. Each of the fencing systems that Zaun manufactures is designed to ensure the safety of the animals and the staff and visitors.

All Zoos and wildlife parks require various fencing solutions for their enclosures to appropriately house different animal species. So we must provide a range of options that meet the necessary standards, from cranked toppings to stop the animals climbing to a variety of mesh types suitable for different animal requirements. Typically our Duo range of Zoo and wildlife park fencing systems and gate solutions are ideal for a range of areas within Zoos, including;

Animal Enclosures

Animal Holding Areas

Animal Reserves

Perimeter Fencing

Decorative Fencing

Feeding Areas

Specialist Fencing for Wildlife Parks

With the importance of always being focused on the safety and security of both people and the animals within the park, Zaun always works very closely with Zoo advisers, police, architects and other specifiers to ensure that we provide the most secure and visually appealing fencing systems that are fit for purpose.

Zoo Fencing & Wildlife Parks

Lion Enclosure

Tiger Enclosure

Monkey Enclosure

Wolf Enclosure

Pheasantry Fencing

Zoo Enclosure Fencing & Wildlife Parks

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