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What features does Advantage Tennis Court Fencing deliver?

What features does Advantage Tennis Court Fencing deliver?

23rd September 2021

With spring well underway and summer on the horizon, many people will be looking to play outdoor sports once more. One of the most popular in the UK is tennis. While you can play indoors, nothing quite beats enjoying a game in the fresh air on an outside court.

The key to the usability of outdoor tennis courts is security fencing. It is wise to have specialist sports fencing installed, though, rather than standard fencing, which businesses might use. The Advantage Tennis Court System is sport-focused and ideal for protecting outdoor courts. But what features make it so great?

Extremely durable

Any perimeter fencing for tennis courts needs to be robust and durable. This is because it has to stand up to being outside in all weathers and handle regular heavy impact from tennis balls. The Advantage Tennis Court Fencing System uses a twin wire mesh design which is designed to be tough. It also includes a mesh aperture that gives superb ball retention and saves you from going outside of the court to collect stray balls.

Looks amazing

Although the practical features this court fencing system offers make it appealing, it is worth noting that it looks great. The wire mesh design looks brilliant and will enhance the courts themselves and the general area. The gaps in the wire mesh design also give spectators a great view of the on-court action and help make the fencing itself look more inviting.

Reduced rattle

One major problem for outdoor tennis courts can be rattling on perimeter fencing. If standard fencing is installed with room for movement between the panel and post, it can rattle each time the ball hits it. This can soon get tiring for anyone who lives close by. Advantage tennis court fencing, however, eliminates this by using extra fixings every 200mm in high-impact zones. An EPDM insert is also used to insulate each panel from the post and thus cut down on noise.

Contact Zaun today for outdoor tennis court fencing

The Advantage Tennis Court Fencing System from Zaun has been specially developed for use on tennis courts. As well as the above features, it is great value for money and hard for would-be intruders to breach. Contact us on 01902 796699 for more details.