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Fencing for Sports & MUGAs

Fencing isn’t only about security, safety and protection. It can also spell fun, fun, fun. From playgrounds and public parks to sports clubs and complexes and amusement parks to hotels and leisure centres, fencing plays its part.

With the success of the London 2012 Olympics and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, popularity in sports and leisure has been on the up, encouraging more and more children to take up new sports. In addition, improvements in sport fencing, synthetic turf and pitches, making the play areas safer but lower maintenance and greater playability improvements.

Zaun’s continual investment in developing new leisure and sports products and enhancing existing ones that improve playability, security and safety for children to play sports means that we are top of the league when addressing your fencing requirements. Zaun has developed fences and sporting solutions for various sports ranging from football, basketball and hockey to tennis, baseball and cricket.

Fencing for Sports

Zaun’s Fencing has been used worldwide, from grassroots sports clubs to professional and international stadiums and training facilities. From twin, wire sports mesh and rebound mesh fencing found in sports pitches and MUGAs everywhere to dedicated tennis and hockey mesh designed specifically for those areas…


Sports MUGA Fencing

Zaun has always been known within the sports world as one of the pioneers in the UK to changing the way that sports pitches were designed. Zaun’s innovative designs and creations at the beginning are still being used today. Zaun has actively moved the industry away from traditional chain link sports pitches to much more rigid and suitable welded mesh fencing systems, which are more commonly used today.

The Zaun welded mesh fencing systems are used to play a huge variety of sports, providing users with improved gameplay experiences and site owners with a sports area that lasts with minimum maintenance, making them ideal for use on Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

Sports Clubs and Fencing for Stadiums

Fencing at a sports venue is confined to the sports pitches and includes security around the perimeter, keeping the venue safe and secure even when not in use.

Here at Zaun, we have fencing solutions for all applications, from playground fencing to keeping small children safe, sport and spectator railings to keep participants and spectators safe, and security fences and gate to keep assets safe and secure.

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