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4 of the best uses for mesh fencing

4 of the best uses for mesh fencing

12th October 2021

While mesh fencing may be one of the most basic forms of fencing, it also has some of the most diverse uses, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These uses range from industrial to residential and tends to be considered a very durable and reliable choice. Mesh fencing can be manufactured and designed for specific purposes and at specific sizes, meaning it is expertly designed to meet architectural requirements. Here we discuss some of the best uses for mesh fencing:

1. Security

Mesh fencing is commonly used as a perimeter wall or security fence. It can offer security purposes to residential, industrial or commercial properties. Mesh is also a popular choice for securing homes, however, this is often combined with a form of fencing that is generally considered more aesthetic. For increased security, some people choose a type of mesh fencing that prevents finger holds or tools being able to cut through, due to the extremely small openings.

2. Public Parks

As mesh fences can be installed in various different colours, some people enjoy the look of it in their local parks. For those who are passionate about plants, a mesh fence is a good alternative to wires for plants that climb, as they can easily take the weight without having to be regularly repaired, unlike the alternative.

3. Animals

Mesh fencing is a popular choice for fencing in animals, no matter what they are. As it’s possible to purchase the fence with different sizes of holes, it can accommodate any form or size of the animal. Some of the most common options are horse fencing, rabbit fencing and chicken coops. It is also an extremely safe option for animals, due to the lack of sharp edges.

4. Highways and railways

One of the main industrial uses of mesh fencing is on highways and railways for security purposes. They are extremely beneficial for preventing damage of the tracks, and also to prohibit animals from crossing over dangerous areas.

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