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What the European Championships have taught us about event security

What the European Championships have taught us about event security

04th November 2021

The European Championships have been considered hugely successful despite being held a year later than expected, and a major aspect of this is based on the event’s security. Held across several grounds, all with comprehensive security measures, businesses can take a lot of advice from their example. Read on to find out what security measures are in place and how they can keep you and your crowds protected.

Wide perimeters

All of the stadiums in the competition had one thing in common. The amount of land they take up, including their security measures, is vast. The reason for this is relatively simple; a large stadium footprint makes it difficult for someone breaking in to evade security forces for long. There’s too far for them to travel before getting caught to do any harm, so anyone that does try to jump a barrier will be in for a surprise when they have a 100m sprint to try and get anywhere. From the Wembley complex to Baku Olympic stadium, these colossi are built on similarly sprawling ground.

Effective fencing

To keep wrongdoers out of these areas, you’ll need highly effective fencing, which can be found at the vast majority of the stadia involved in EURO 2020. Whether close to the stadium or based on a huge perimeter, bespoke fencing is designed to be impenetrable for anyone with bad intentions. This includes features crafted around the shape of advanced turnstiles and security posts, allowing all aspects of event security to work in tandem. A good fence can bring all aspects of your security together into one cohesive location.

Manual checks

Security isn’t complete without guards completing checks. After all, no fence is perfect, and no perimeter can be entirely secure. By manually checking that no bags are too big and any that are get checked and put to one side before any harm is done, security guards can enforce all of the required rules and make sure anyone entering legally does so in a safe manner.

If you’re interested in using security fencing to protect your sports event, get in touch with ZAUN today and see how we can protect your property.