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What specific measures should an integrated security solution include?

What specific measures should an integrated security solution include?

14th September 2021

There is no doubt that security fencing is still a very effective way of keeping any site safe. To give the very best protection to large or vulnerable sites, it is wise to adopt an integrated approach. This means bringing together a range of individual security measures into one integrated whole. The key is to find individual solutions which work effectively together to become more than the sum of their parts.

As noted above, security fencing is still effective and so should form part of an integrated approach. But what else is it essential to include?


Any comprehensive, integrated setup should make use of a CCTV system. These are worth installing for a few different reasons. Firstly, they are a superb visual deterrent and put many would-be intruders off from trying to access your site. They are also very effective at recording footage that the authorities can then use to identify any intruders. Lastly, they give an easy way to cover the perimeter of large sites and enable security staff to pick up on any issues early.

PIDS fencing system

The Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (or PIDs for short) is the next step in security fencing. It can be fitted onto your existing fencing to provide an integrated layer of additional protection. The system works via sensitive wire being run and your current fencing, which then has an electric current passed through it. When anyone tampers with it or tries to breach your fencing, the wire senses this and an alert is sent to your security team. The major benefits to PIDs systems are a better awareness of anyone trying to get past your perimeter fencing, easy installation and a low maintenance design.

Cage fencing alarm systems

If you have valuable stock or machinery stored in a security cage on-site, installing a cage fencing alarm system is worth thinking about. This will work with the other measures you employ and give fully integrated site security. These systems operate along the same lines as PIDs does for your perimeter fencing. They provide security for valuable goods or plants, which is hard to get past silently. These systems are also great value for money and come with reduced points of failure for best results.

Let Zaun help with integrated security on-site.

At Zaun, we know how important a fully integrated security setup is for many businesses. Due to this, we have a range of security measures to order which can integrate fully with one another. Please browse the website for more details or contact us at [email protected] today for more help.