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Zaun’s range of integrated security solutions has been carefully put together to create a whole turnkey solution to any physical perimeter security needs. However, it has become apparent that protecting a vulnerable site takes more than a physical fencing solution. Therefore, the system needs to include fully integrated security solutions.

This fully integrated security solution must include everything from physical security fencing and gates to access control, turnstiles, perimeter intrusion detection systems, electrified fencing solution and high-security locks, to name a few. Each of these integrated security solutions will, in turn, need to be able to interact with either existing or new CCTV systems and analytics.

On the back of recent project success, Zaun has developed partnerships with key product suppliers and systems integrators to ensure that our integrated security solution is of the highest calibre and provides the customer with the security solution they are looking for. In addition, Zaun’s expertise in manufacturing and design ensures that customers will have peace of mind when looking for a fully integrated security solution. The Zaun Group can take a project from initial thought right through to manufacture, install and commission.

Today’s security threats to industry and commerce, along with more stringent compliance codes and standards, highlight the need for more comprehensive and integrated solutions.