RDS StrongHold S455-358

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RDS StrongHold Temporary Fencing
RDS StrongHold Temporary Fencing
Zaun NBS Plus
Made In Britain
BS1722 Part 14 Compliant

RDS StrongHold® is a temporary site fencing system that incorporates a patent-pending adjustable system to plumb the posts; this means that not only will the perfectly vertical posts be more pleasing to the eye, but a wider range of mesh panel types can also be mounted, including panels that must have accurately plumbed and positioned posts.  The StrongHold® range will work with all Zaun mesh systems: Axiom 3D meshOptimaDuo358 and ArmaWeave.

RDS StrongHold® S455-358 is the first member of the StrongHold range to hit the market. The “S” denotes a solid base and 455 being the weight of the block, 358 denoting the mesh type. The makeup of the name is explained in the table below;

RDS Range Base Type Base Weight (kg) Mesh Type
StrongHold S (Solid) 455 358 (HiSec 358)
StrongHold S (Solid) 910 358 (HiSec 358)

The bases for the RDS StrongHold® S-Range utilise legacy material from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Originally designed to support temporary CCTV columns, these bases were conceived to split into two smaller fencing bases. These bases are available while stocks last and provide your site with sustainability by using the legacy material from one of the UK’s biggest events.

Housed on the inside of the perimeter to remove any form of climbing aid or tripping hazard to the fence’s attack side, these 455kg steel-clad concrete bases provide excellent overturning resistance to provide a strong and secure fence.

Each base is fixed to the post using the unique adjustable fixing system. This allows the fence to be installed on uneven ground, keeping the posts plumb without the necessity to chock the blocks.  358 mesh can be stepped or can be angled to follow the contour on the ground, in the latter case by overlapping the mesh to suit.  Consideration should be given to the gap created under and stepped panels.  On steep slopes, it may be necessary to reduce the gap by reducing posts centres or adding additional mesh to close the gaps.

It is also available with various mesh types, including profile and twin wire mesh.  Any chosen mesh can also be used subsequently as part of a permanent installation, without the need for new panels or may be used again and again on multiple temporary sites.

RDS StrongHold® S455 358 uses Zaun’s HiSec 358 mesh panels, which features the well-established 76.2mm x 12.7mm anti-climb mesh configuration. This close mesh fencing system makes it difficult to get a finger or foothold within the mesh’s apertures. In addition, it is available in heights of 2m, 2.4m and 3m, providing a substantially more secure perimeter than a standard temporary fencing system and comparable in security to standard, permanent, 358 installations.

It is ideal for providing secure, temporary site fencing around construction sites, temporary events, and other temporary applications. Designed for workers’ safety on temporary construction sites, pedestrian segmentation at events, and ultimately security from the site’s external threats.


RDS StrongHold Fencing is available in galvanised only finish or optionally with additional painting (polyester powder coated).

Typically a galvanised only product and supplied as pre-galvanised posts and standard pre-galvanised wire.  If extended longevity is required, the product is optionally available with hot-dip galvanised posts and GalZal® wire.

Wind Loading

Wind loading on RDS StrongHold®, as with any fence, depends on the fabric of the panels and the fence’s height. For example, a higher solidity fence requires larger posts and heavier bases (or reduced post centres) to withstand the same wind speed as a more open mesh.   The design wind speed of each variant in the StrongHold® range is available; we can also look at any site-specific requirements and advise on a safe and suitable solution.

For StrongHold® 358 (available with 455kg or 910kg bases), the standard heights’ design wind-loads are given below.

Design Wind Speed (MPH)

Height S455 S910
2.0m 80mph 110mph
2.4m 69mph 96mph
3.0m 55mph 77mph

RDS Gates

Available in single or double leaf configuration.  Standard widths 1.2m Single, 4m Doubles

  • Rapid Deploy Re-Usable Temporary Security Fence System
  • High-Level Security Temporary Fencing
  • Anti-Climb 358 mesh panels (other panels available upon request)
  • Fence panels may also be re-used to create a permanent perimeter (note: panels must be painted for permanent installation unless manufactured using GalZal wire)
  • Adjustable post ensures that the fence will always stay plumb and not out of line
  • Bases at the rear removed climbing aids from the attack side of the fence
  • Ideal for use with temporary PIDs system
  • It can be installed on most ground surfaces

CPD Material

Looking for further training, guidance or to further your knowledge? Book one of our approved CPD presentations.

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