Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products are available, tested to the PAS 68 standards along with standard gates, barriers and blockers. These products are specifically designed and installed to withstand various vehicle-borne attacks. As founder members of the PSSA (Perimeter Security Suppliers Association), Zaun is committed to providing an HVM system into any of our perimeter security schemes where required.

PAS 68:2010 is the latest BSi’s Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers. This standard is the benchmark for HVM equipment. In addition, the standard contains the regime which products are tested against. To be read in conjunction with PAS 68:2010 is PAS 69. This specification document guides the product installation and specification.

Where would a hostile vehicle mitigation system be required?

A hostile vehicle mitigation system is ideal for use at sites housing utility plants. For example, no below-ground foundations are required and can be used on soft and hard standing. The systems can be supplied with any of Zaun’s security fencing products, giving protection up to 5m in height. Zaun can also incorporate above-ground foundation gates and CCTV columns for use on the system so that Zaun can cater for every bespoke requirement. Whatever your needs, Zaun’s hostile vehicle mitigation fencing can be incorporated to provide optimum security.