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3 options for hostile vehicle defence

3 options for hostile vehicle defence

02nd August 2021

As well as security gates and fencing solutions for intruders on foot, specialist solutions are also available to protect properties from assaults involving vehicles. These products developed for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) have been rigorously tested to PAS 68 standards and come in many forms, from blockers and barriers to dedicated gates and portals.

In the following sections, we’ll explore just some of these options that can stop ram raiders in their tracks and defend your site from forced intrusion.

Terror Stopper HVM static bollards

These government rated mitigation bollards are ideal for stopping vehicle-led attacks and are designed to prevent acts of terrorism. They have enough blocking power to effectively stop a 7.5-tonne vehicle and come in different sizes to suit all needs. They are also customisable with a selection of different coloured sleeves and finishes for a branded look to your site.

HiSec Super PAS 68

This security fence distinguishes being the first of its type to integrate HVM to BSI PAS 68:2010 standards. Successfully crash-tested, it’s a reliable option for sites of Critical National Importance (CNIs). Additionally, this fence combines our HiSec Super 6 mesh with a GME spring HVM system to create a powerful barrier with superior stopping power.

MRA PAS 68 Manual Barriers

These formidable crash-rated barrier systems are manufactured by our team at Zaun, based on designs developed by Her Majesty’s Government. Non-powered, these barriers are entirely manual and equipped with a rising and dropping arm barrier that can have a maximum boom length of up to 4500mm.

The system’s rising beam is fully welded, employing a steel frame and an impact beam fitted to 900 mm high stanchions. If required, additional information and warning signage installed on the beam’s length is also readily available.

Experts in high-security fencing solutions

Designing, constructing, and fitting security solutions approved by government departments is our speciality here at Zaun. We can assist with all your requirements on site. Our systems can be deployed alongside security fencing, offering 5-metre-high defences that can also incorporate CCTV columns for devices and ground foundation gates. Contact our specialist team of experts today to explore bespoke security solutions for your facility.