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Creating a Secure Mental Health Facility

Creating a Secure Mental Health Facility

03rd July 2018

With a reported 25 per cent of the world’s population suffering from mental health issues, the challenge of creating effective and secure mental health facilities is becoming greater than ever. More and more people are now discussing their mental health issues with healthcare professionals. As a result, more people receive help from in-patient schemes through the NHS or other private healthcare providers.

Any hospital environment must be vigilant of security; when it comes to mental health, security is heightened even more. Depending on the particular mental health condition being suffered by individuals in a secure facility, patients can be dangerous to others or themselves. Thus, having a secure perimeter fence is essential.

Maintaining a Secure Environment

As previously mentioned, maintaining a secure environment for patients in a mental health facility is essential, but secure perimeter fencing does not need to be unattractive or obtrusive. There are many different types of perimeter fencing available that perfectly balance security and durability whilst also avoiding being too intimidating. Our range of perimeter fencing can help you to identify the most appropriate style for your needs.

With a wide range of colours, styles, and shapes, our bespoke perimeter fencing can be used creatively to ensure that mental health facilities have the right mixture of security and a safe, welcoming environment for the patients staying there.

Ensuring safety and security for all

Whilst it must be stressed that most people who suffer from mental health illnesses pose no threat at all to themselves or those around them, certain mental health illnesses can cause patients to become dangerous or volatile. In instances such as this, it is not just perimeter fencing that can be essential.

We also provide various alternative security devices that can help in potentially dangerous situations. For example, if patients have previous criminal convictions, intrusion detection systems can help provide an even greater level of security for your facility. Moreover, various monitoring systems can be used in conjunction with secure perimeter fencing to ensure the utmost security and safety for patients and employees.

To find out how we can help you implement effective security solutions in your hospital or mental health facility, contact us today!