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Security essentials for start-ups

Security essentials for start-ups

05th July 2018

Setting up an office-based small business can be very demanding, particularly if you’re new to the business world. If you’re in this position, you probably have a minimal budget and may not be sure which security measures you need and which ones you don’t. Every organisation’s security requirements are unique. However, certain security essentials should help protect your business, regardless of what sector it’s in or what services it offers. If you don’t know what security measures to invest in, we strongly recommend these.

1. Permanent security fencing

It’s important to block access to areas of your premises that might be targeted by intruders and that members of the public aren’t allowed to access. You have several options for doing this: permanent fencing, temporary fencing, and railings. Temporary fencing is usually the cheapest option, but it may not offer the long-term security you require. Railings are very stylish but may not be suitable for all businesses. Permanent security fencing offers a high level of long-term security and can be made to look reasonably stylish and inviting. It’s also fairly affordable. Therefore it’s the most balanced perimeter protection option and is the sensible choice if you’re not 100% sure about your security needs.

2. Pedestrian security gates

Even the best security fencing is only effective when the gaps in it can be closed and locked. That’s why you need to invest in lockable security gates. Wider vehicular gates may be harder to secure and maintain. Therefore, for small businesses, we recommend smaller pedestrian gates.

3. CCTV cameras positioned to monitor entry-points

Every business needs CCTV cameras. They are fantastic deterrents; they can be used to spot criminals before they become a serious threat, and they can help identify and catch otherwise successful intruders. However, as a start-up owner with a limited budget, you may not be able to invest in enough cameras to cover every part of your premises. If this is the case, you don’t have to fret about how many cameras you should invest in: focus on purchasing enough to cover your entry points. Remember, intruders have to use these to access your building, the same as anybody else. You can invest in more cameras later once your business is turning a steady profit.

There are a wide variety of security measures available. However, if you’re a start-up owner and need to keep an eye on your budget, you should make the ones listed in today’s blog entry your priority. These measures will protect your business from most would-be intruders. Here at Zaun, we offer a wide range of security fencing options, gates and CCTV cameras, so visit our product pages today.