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Integrating security measures with architectural features

Integrating security measures with architectural features

19th January 2017

Here at Zaun, we pride ourselves on designing and installing security solutions that integrate seamlessly into the architecture of our clients’ sites and premises. As a result, many security features can be installed in a way that takes advantage of a premises’ existing layout or structure. We want to help you understand how this works. In this blog entry, we’ll look at several key security measures that can be integrated with pre-existing architectural features. We’ll also explain how this can make your overall security solution more efficient or effective.

Security fencing

As we’ve discussed in prior entries, security fencing is the cornerstone of most good security systems. We can surround a site or premises with a perimeter composed of security fencing if necessary, but this isn’t always required. If one or more sides of your premises are built against high walls or are blocked by other buildings, these sides are already inaccessible to prospective intruders.

We can treat the walls or buildings that your premises are built against as part of your perimeter and then use security fencing to fill in the gaps in this perimeter. It’s tough for intruders to break through walls or buildings, so perimeters incorporating these pre-existing architectural features are very tough. What’s more, you can save money on fencing.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are most effective when their field of view is maximised. As a result, these cameras are generally mounted in high positions on the site’s buildings. However, their effectiveness can be further increased by taking advantage of other architectural features. For example, if you have any tall structures on your site (such as towers, masts or even decorative columns), CCTV cameras can be mounted on these.

From a position on top of a tall, narrow structure, a camera may be able to get a panoramic view of your entire site. Cameras can also be hung from overhangs on your buildings to give them the clearest view of the ground below. This is particularly useful if you have an overhang above your building’s main entrance.

Not every security solution uses pre-existing architectural features. However, we at Zaun believe it’s worth taking advantage of them whenever possible.

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