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Three steps to rapid perimeter security

Three steps to rapid perimeter security

22nd June 2021

Whether you’re putting safety protocols in place on a new construction site or safeguarding the property at your place of business, the perfect place to start is securing your perimeter. Possessing total control of all who enter and exit a location is the cornerstone of security, but it might seem a daunting task that takes time. Therefore, it’s vital that while your security measures must be comprehensive, they must always suit your specific requirements and never negatively impact the way your site operates.

As specialists in security perimeters at Zaun, we have a wealth of experience establishing on-site safety levels that are second to none. To help you set up perimeter protection quickly, we’ve compiled a shortlist of solutions worth considering before you secure your area.

Patrol perimeters with security personnel

Security guards are a simple, affordable and easy to arrange option to protect perimeters. While Rapid Deploy CCTV is an excellent option when you want to monitor activity around your location, it is also recommended that there is an on-site presence to reduce your response times if there are any breaches in your security. Hiring shifts of qualified security guards will ensure your property is watched and is far faster to arrange than what can sometimes be complicated equipment installations that require extensive testing.

Set up swiftly with rapid perimeter security fencing

Above-ground perimeter fencing can be a quick and efficient way to get started, as for the most part, temporary fencing requires no time-consuming foundations to be put in place. A quick route to setting up your perimeter is to opt for an entirely above-ground option. A Rapid Deploy Solution (RDS) can be ideal. It is simple to set up and is fixed in position by weighty blocks, providing additional security and stability that your typical temporary site fencing system does not provide.

Remove any blind spots or weaknesses.

It can seem like common sense, but sometimes it is the simplest of tasks that sometimes get missed and leads to catastrophic failures in the perimeter security. This ranges from simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning or washing the fencing or removing rubbish, creating a blind spot for CCTV.