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Effective security solutions for low-tech perimeters

Effective security solutions for low-tech perimeters

03rd May 2016

Our previous blog entry discussed how technology could be integrated into our security fencing solutions to make your perimeter even more secure. But what can you do if installing advanced technological solutions isn’t an option for you? For example, you may have to secure a site in an area that doesn’t have a reliable supply, or your budget may not cover additional energy usage. You may need to take advantage of low-tech solutions to reinforce your site’s perimeter in these situations.

1. Utilise the matryoshka technique

You have probably heard of matryoshka dolls at some point: they are traditional Russian toys in which each wooden figure can be opened and has a smaller version of itself nesting inside. Of course, perimeter fencing has nothing to do with small wooden toys, but you can exploit the core idea of multiple, nested layers to bolster your security. By placing an extra layer of fencing inside your main external fence, you can instantly double your security. It’s a lot harder for prospective miscreants to break through two layers of security fencing than one, after all.

2. Add fence toppings

Fence toppings make it much harder for potential intruders to climb over security fencing. If you are worried about ne’er-do-wells entering your perimeter simply by going over it, fence toppings are the perfect low-tech solution. We sell a broad range of these toppings here at Zaun, ranging from razor wire to cranked panels that create an unclimbable overhang.

3. Add lock to your gates

Every perimeter has to have a gate to allow personnel in and out. However, if you’re worried about intruders breaking your gate’s lock or forcing your gate open, you can make it much harder for them simply by securing the gate with more secure locks or adding an extra lock. Zaun’s wide range of security gate locks can be bought online from our online store ZaunStore.

Here at Zaun, we want to make sure that your perimeter is completely secure, regardless of whether you have access to advanced technology security solutions. Our fencing is very effective at keeping intruders out of your site, but you can also utilise the methods detailed in today’s blog to enhance their security further.