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Swimming pool fencing keeps everyone safe

Swimming pool fencing keeps everyone safe

08th March 2018

The domestic outdoor swimming pool has seen a surge in popularity during recent years. However, although swimming outdoors is a wonderful way to entertain the kids, socialise with friends and gain some much-needed exercise, there is also a great deal of responsibility that comes with owning your own pool. Below we explore why every swimming pool needs swimming pool fencing.

Keep children safe

One of the major reasons to have swimming pool fencing is to keep young children safe. Children do not understand the dangers of open water and can drown if they can access the swimming pool when unsupervised. So it’s not only your own children that you need to help protect but the children in neighbouring houses. In addition, mesh swimming pool fencing is difficult for children to climb over, providing a safe outdoor environment.

A practical safety system

The swimming pool fence can often incorporate a motion detector, which in turn can then sound an alarm. This can be activated when the fence gate is opened or when an older child manages to climb over the fence. This obviously gives you much-needed peace of mind in knowing that your children are kept safe at all times when near the swimming pool.

Useful in an outdoor dining area

If your swimming pool is also located near an outside barbecue area or dining area, swimming pool fencing can also keep you and your guests safe, especially if you have enjoyed a fun evening of drinking and celebrating. Falling into any water when you have consumed alcohol is incredibly dangerous.

It can be used as a decorative feature.

Swimming pool fencing obviously provides much-needed safety to your outdoor area, but it needn’t be unsightly. They can be made to incorporate your chosen style, colour and height of the pool. They can also be made to reflect your shape and style of pool. Mesh pool fencing will also not obscure the view of your pool but will often enhance this outdoor space.

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