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Zoo fences: how mesh fencing can help

Zoo fences: how mesh fencing can help

06th November 2018

Zoo legislation in the UK states that all exhibits should be secure enough to ensure animals cannot escape. At the same time, you’ll want security fencing that allows guests to view the animals in their enclosures but not enter them without your permission or supervision.

Mesh fencing can be one of the best solutions for your zoo or other animal exhibition business. Here’s how it fits the bill.

1. Mesh fencing is strong

Welded mesh fencing is strong, and most animals won’t be able to break out. Its design is also perfect for keeping guests out of enclosures as it is difficult to scale. Nor would a guest be able to damage the fence without significant effort.

While some animals might be able to climb these fences, you can utilise electric fencing – like at Colchester Zoo’s lemur enclosure – to keep animals capable of climbing safe and secure.

2. Mesh fencing is easy to install

Mesh fencing is simple to install across several surfaces and terrains. This is great as zoos aren’t always on flat ground, and some enclosures are on slopes and other irregular surfaces.

Their versatility doesn’t affect the ease at which they’re installed either. All mesh fencing is fast to install, allowing new exhibits to be built quickly.

3. Mesh fencing is easy to maintain

Even with your best efforts, animals can damage enclosures. When that does happen, it is good to know that your fencing is quick, easy and cost-effective to repair. Therefore, exhibits don’t need to be off-limits for long or animals placed in other temporary enclosures during lengthy maintenance jobs.

4. Mesh fencing can be combined with other security features

When using certain enclosure fencing, you might want a second barrier to keep guests from getting too close to the animals. This is a practical solution when you have an animal that might bite any fingers poked through a gap in the fence.

Ultimately, mesh fencing is a cost-effective way for you to create an excellent set of exhibits at your zoo or other animal exhibit business. It will keep animals safe inside and guests happy outside, allowing for all to have a wonderful experience.

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