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Wire mesh fencing for zoos and animal enclosures

Wire mesh fencing for zoos and animal enclosures

26th February 2019

Wire mesh fencing is ideal for use whenever strength combined with visibility is the top priority. It is used in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and worldwide for animal enclosures, including farms, zoos, and other wildlife enclosures.

An elephant never forgets.

A good contractor remembers that he needs to build a rapport and understanding with the zoo’s staff if he provides perimeter fencing or a safety cage for a six-ton elephant! The zoo will have its own criteria relating to just how hefty any framework and welded mesh fencing needs to be and just how far apart any gaps should be to avoid the elephant pushing his trunk through. Elephants are perfectly capable of playing with fixtures and locks on zoo fencing and damaging or releasing them!

Don’t monkey about!

By contrast, a primate requires a totally different approach. Are we dealing with a little pygmy marmoset? Or is it a weighty silver-backed gorilla? Some small monkeys require high fences topped with an overhang of electric wires to stay safe. On the other hand, Gorillas are often housed in a huge wire mesh cage with railings that need to be strong, durable, and reach the height of a two-story house.

Down on the farm

Whether security fencing is needed for farms or zoos, it always pays to listen to the animal’s and the client’s top priorities. For instance, herds of deer can pressure fencing, especially if they are driven across particular pathways. This may call for a slightly stronger fence with a smaller gap between vertical posts or wires to stay secure. Likewise, horses are determined in their drive to get to green grass, and any fence needs to be constructed so that they cannot catch a hoof in it, trample or get tangled up in it.

Life and death

When working with live animals and their owners and keepers, ‘fencing’ is never just a job. Of course, it still requires expertise and skill in production and construction, but it is so much more than that. It is so important for contractors to really care about the needs of the client and their individual animals and the importance of meeting targets. Doing a great job and bringing it in on time means the difference between life and death for the animals relying on secure and safe perimeter fencing solutions.

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