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A guide to the power of fence toppings

A guide to the power of fence toppings

08th November 2016

Perimeter fencing alone is usually enough to repel most potential intruders. However, if you own a property or small business that might be targeted by more determined ruffians, you might want to add an additional security measure. Nonetheless, you might not want to splash out on high-tech options, such as alarm systems or electrified fencing. After all, these systems are designed to stop efficient, professional criminals and saboteurs. If you’re simply expecting to be targeted by determined (but otherwise unremarkable) petty intruders, you may prefer a simpler security option. Luckily, there is a security option that suits your requirements perfectly: you can add toppings to your fences. Fence toppings are a great, cost-effective way to augment ordinary security fencing. Despite their simplicity, they are highly efficient at stopping intruders for a number of reasons.

1. Toppings render fencing hard to scale

The most obvious way in which fence toppings improve your security is by adding height to your security fencing. They are also shaped in a way that makes them very difficult to climb over. Simply put, they drastically increase the efficacy of your fencing as a physical barrier. Even if an intruder attempts to scale a fence that has been equipped with fence toppings, they are unlikely to succeed.

2. They increase the risk to prospective intruders

Fence toppings are available that are either sharp or barbed. This obviously increases the risk of injury to prospective intruders. This is likely to cause most of them to reconsider. Most petty criminals won’t risk being injured just to gain entry to a property or business unless they are certain they will find something very valuable inside.

3. They act as a psychological disincentive

Fence toppings don’t look displeasing, but they do possess a subtly imposing aesthetic. Their appearance also suggests that you take security very seriously. Consequently, they can make potential intruders hesitant and reduce the likelihood that they will even consider trying to enter your property or premises.

Fence toppings are immeasurably useful if you want to boost your security without breaking the bank. They’re affordable, effective and easy to install. Here at Zaun, we supply a wide range of toppings, so why not find a style that you like and invest today?