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The right fence topping for the right sector

The right fence topping for the right sector

19th March 2019

Adding toppings to your perimeter fence is a great way to boost your business’ security. Fence toppings make it much harder for thieves, vandals and other criminals to climb over your fencing. However, not all toppings are suitable for all types of business premises. Each business sector interfaces with the public in different ways and has unique security needs. As such, it’s important to choose toppings that properly match your business. In today’s blog, we’ll look at several major business sectors and suggest the best types of fence toppings for them.

1. Wholesale and retail

In 2017, the wholesale and retail sector endured 44% of all non-domestic thefts and burglaries. That means that businesses of this type were victimised more than any other. Unfortunately, official figures have not yet been released for 2018 or 2019, but it’s safe to assume that the trend has continued. Therefore, if you run a business in the retail or wholesale sector, you need to secure your premises as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately, barbed wire, razor wire, and electrified fence toppings aren’t options, as their appearance may alarm consumers. That’s why we recommend using cranked fence toppings. These fence toppings create an almost impossible overhang but look much less menacing than alternative toppings.

2. Industrial

Industrial businesses aren’t targeted as often as wholesale and retail businesses. However, they do often utilise precious equipment. If you run a business in the industrial sector, it’s vitally important to protect the sites and premises where this equipment is stored. We suggest using barbed wire or electrified fence toppings. These toppings are very effective deterrents and can stop most intruders in their tracks. Because your business is unlikely to interface directly with ordinary consumers, you don’t need to worry about the harsh appearance of these toppings.

3. Service

Service sector businesses are rarely victimised by burglary because they don’t utilise as much valuable stock or equipment as businesses in other sectors. However, intruders may attempt to break into their premises to commit vandalism or other criminal acts. If you run a service-sector business, we suggest choosing discreet fence toppings that won’t alarm your clients but deter would-be intruders. Anti-climb fence toppings are the best option: they feature spiked designs but are smaller and subtler than their barbed wire counterparts.

Whatever type of topping you need for your security fencing solution, we can provide it. Here at Zaun, we offer a wide range of different fence toppings, so check out our product pages today.