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Three intruders you may not expect

Three intruders you may not expect

18th October 2016

For businesses, high-profile residences and the sites of major events, security fencing and other security measures are often essential for stopping intruders and preventing criminal activity. However, some individuals and organisations feel that they are unlikely to be targeted by criminals, so they don’t invest in fencing and appropriate security measures. This is usually a mistake because not all intruders are criminally motivated. Even if your site or premises isn’t likely to attract the attention of criminals, other groups may intrude and interfere with it. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the different types of intruders who may not be motivated by criminal intentions.

1. Accidental intruders

Some people don’t mean to intrude on your site or premises; they wander into the area by mistake. While they don’t mean any harm, there is a chance they might injure themselves or put someone else in danger while on your property. If this happens, you might be held responsible in a court of law and forced to pay compensation. Obviously, the risk of this happening is low on ordinary sites. Still, if you are constructing something or carrying out other hazardous work on your property, the risk is much greater. Therefore, we suggest putting up perimeter fencing to be safe.

2. Political protesters

If your site or premises is part of an organisation with ties to a particular political party or ideology, you may be targeted by protesters from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Most protesters are peaceful and won’t deliberately damage your premises or site. However, large numbers of protesters can cause damage accidentally or disrupt the day-to-day activity of your property. It’s therefore advisable to take security precautions if your organisation is likely to attract any degree of political disapprobation.

3. Urban explorers

Urban exploration is a sport and hobby which is similar to parkour. Its practitioners specialise in finding ways into abandoned, empty or out-of-use environments and exploring them. If your site or premises is not currently in use, it may attract urban explorers. As these individuals can cause damage accidentally, it may be worth setting up security fencing to deter them.

The list above covers just a few types of intruders who may have non-criminal intentions. Here at Zaun, we offer a range of security measures and fencing options that will help you stop every type of prospective intruder. So even if you don’t think you’ll be targeted by criminals, take a look at our range of security options today to defend your property from these well-intentioned (but potentially hazardous) intruders.