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Fencing for Transport Hubs

Zaun has a wide range of fencing solutions for transport hubs ranging from perimeter security fencing for airports and ports to roadside construction site fencing and trackside fences for HS2 and railways.

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that Zaun provides security consultants, architect, installers and end-users with the right fit for purpose products to suit the application it is intended for.

Physical Security for Airports

Zaun has a wide range of fencing suitable for airports, from high-security LPS1175 security rated fencing and gates to movable crash rated perimeter fencing systems with zero ground penetration.

Perimeter security fencing for airports is vital for protecting the transport hub from trespassers, terrorists and other miscreants.

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that all airports can specify fit for purpose fencing systems with the appropriate approval ratings.

HS2 Fencing for Rail

Zaun has a wide range of fencing that are ideal for use within the rail industry, ranging from security and demarcation fencing for the trackside to security fencing for train stations and car parks.

It is vitally important for any train station and train line that potential trespassers, vandals and thieves are kept away from the dangers of a live railway. Our security rated fencing systems are designed to ensure breaches to the perimeter are kept to a minimum with approvals ranging from SR1 to SR4 depending on the threat level to the trainline.

In addition to the permanent fencing offering, Zaun also has a variety of temporary fencing options for construction sites in preparation for HS2 and other construction projects.

Port Security Fencing

As you would expect for a port, the perimeter security is of paramount importance. Protecting the port from potential threats such as terrorists, theives, trespassers and vandals is vital and not protecting the goods and customs control that go in and out of ports can have devestating affects.

Zaun provide a wide range of security fencing, which is available in various designs and heights, depending on the local security needs. Zaun provide fencing that is fit-for-purpose, and fencing is to be specified on a site by site basis, depending on the threat levels.

All fencing is available with security upgrades including PIDs, barbed wire, razor wire, access control and other enhancements to further increase the security of the port. Some of the Zaun fencing available have been tested and approved by CPNI to Base, Enhanced or High, BRE to LPS1175 SR1 to SR4, crash rated to PAS 68 and Secured By Design Approved.

Bus Depot Fencing

Zaun has a number of fencing suitable for use around Bus Depots and other transport hubs, including HiSec Print, a custom branded security fencing system that not only meets the standards of LPS 1175 SR1 but also has a printed, branded design, printed to the fabric of the fence, providing your site with a unique perimeter.

Fencing is vitally important for Bus Depots, to protect the sites, particularly out of hours, to protect the vehicles from potential thieves and vandals.

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The original anti-vehicle rapid-deploy temporary electric fence system – first used in tandem on the London 2012 Olympics – is now even quicker and easier to roll out with a pre-configured ‘ends’ to pulse-protected ‘zones’. Three leading names in perimeter security have collaborated to incorporate the new temporary electric fence technology into the established SecureGuard HVM

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