Zaun Data Breach – Update


On 5th – 6th August, Zaun was subjected to a sophisticated cyber-attack on our IT Network by the LockBit Ransom group. Our own cyber security prevented the server from being encrypted.  West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit are aware of the attack. We have been able to continue work as normal with no interruptions to service.

In an otherwise up-to-date network, the breach occurred through a rogue Windows 7 PC that was running software for one of our manufacturing machines.  The machine has been removed and the vulnerability closed. 

At the time of the attack, we believed that our cyber-security software had thwarted any transfer of data. However, we can now confirm that during the attack LockBit managed to download some data, possibly limited to the vulnerable PC but with a risk that some data on the server was accessed.  It is believed that this is 10 GB of data, 0.74% of our stored data.

It is well known that Zaun is a specialist in high-security perimeter fencing and has supplied fencing to many high-profile sites.  Sites where our products are used include prisons, military bases and utilities.  These fencing products are generally used to separate the public from the secure asset and as such are on public display and in the public domain.  Full details of all our products are also available on our website and available for unrestricted purchase. As such it is not considered that any additional advantage could be gained from any compromised data beyond that which could be ascertained by going to look at the sites from the public domain.

Zaun Limited would like to issue the following statement.

“We are aware of an attack upon our servers by the Lockbit Ransom group at the beginning of August. Our cyber-security systems closed the attack before they could encrypt any files on the server. However, it has become apparent that LockBit was able to download some data from our system which has now been published on the Dark Web.

LockBit will have potentially gained access to some historic emails, orders, drawings and project files, we do not believe that any classified documents were stored on the system or have been compromised. We are in contact with relevant agencies and will keep these updated as more information becomes available. This is an ongoing investigation and as such subject to further updates.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been contacted and we are taking their advice on this matter. The ICO has been contacted as well with regards to the attack and data leak. Zaun is a manufacturer of fencing systems and not a Government approved security contractor. As a manufacturer of perimeter fencing, any member of the public can walk up to our fencing that has been installed at these sites and look at it.

Zaun is a victim of a sophisticated cyber-attack and has taken all reasonable measures to mitigate any attack on our systems.”

Should you have any questions with regards to this update please direct all enquiries to Stewart Plant, Head of Sales and Marketing via email at

About Zaun

Zaun is the only in-house British Manufacturer of Woven and Welded Mesh Fencing Systems. For 27 years, they have been the trusted manufacturing partner for sports and physical perimeter security. With a wide range of fencing, gate, and HVM solutions they can offer Protection Through Innovation for your next project.

Located in the West Midlands, they are a privately owned company first formed in 1996 and continuing to promote British manufacturing on the world stage. A proud member of Made in Britain and Made in the West Midlands, Zaun has worked on numerous projects around the world from Border Security and Airports, to Sports and Critical National Infrastructure.

The continued investment in their manufacturing processes and systems has enabled the latest in problem-solving and innovation. At the same time, an approach to ‘The Right People in the Right Places’ puts the customer experience at the heart of their business.

The quality of their wide range of systems is assured through ISO 9001 and third-party certification for high-security and HVM solutions including LPS 1175, Secured by Design, Approved for UK Government Use (NPSA), and PAS 68.

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