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Airport Fencing

Zaun design and manufacture a wide range of fencing solutions, suitable for use at airports. From high-security LPS1175 security rated fencing and gate solutions to PAS 68, crash rated fencing, airport fencing is a core part of the overall security plan of an airport. Protecting staff and passengers, preventing planes and vehicles from being hijacked, and protecting the airport from potential trespassers, thieves, vandals, and other miscreants are paramount.

Perimeter Demarcation

Movable Borders

Cargo Areas


Crash Rated

Physical Security for Airports

Zaun has a wide range of fencing suitable for airports, from high-security LPS1175 security rated fencing and gates to movable crash rated perimeter fencing systems with zero ground penetration.

Perimeter security fencing for airports is vital for protecting the transport hub from trespassers, terrorists and other miscreants.

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities ensure that all airports can specify fit for purpose fencing systems with the appropriate approval ratings.

Fencing for Airports

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