Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB)

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TVCB Barrier
TVCB Barrier
TVCB Barrier
Zaun NBS Plus
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TVCB (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers) from Zaun are available in two levels of containment:

  • Multibloc 80, which provides a Performance Class of N1 with a Working Width of W3
  • Multibloc 110, which provides a Performance Class of N2, again with a Working Width of W3

Both of Zaun’s TVCB‘s are designed to deflect an errant vehicle away from local hazards within or immediately adjacent to the highway, which have the potential to cause danger to the occupants of an errant vehicle, the workforce, or others. Each TVCB is connected at the scarf joint using M24 high tensile bolts.

Each TVCB is manufactured from high strength concrete (50N / sqm) which, combined with approved steel reinforcing, enables the TVCB barriers to meet EN 1317 (Compliant Road Restraint Systems for Temporary Safety Barriers).

Zaun’s Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB) are a perfect way to prevent unauthorised access or provide a safe temporary working area for your workforce; this could be along a roadside or construction site.

TVCBs can also be used for major temporary events, from political summits to major sporting events such as the Olympics, Football World Cup or Commonwealth Games, to protect pedestrians from traffic or provide traffic barriers and bases for fixing fences. (see MultiFence & MultiFence PAS 68 for more details).

What is TVCB?

TVCB is a temporary vehicle concrete barrier specifically designed for highway use. These can be used in central reservations and verge operations to protect the workforce from the on-coming traffic flow. Each TVCB is supplied with an arrow on the side of the unit to direct traffic and is fitted with lifting points for M24 lifting eyes.

TVCB Barrier


Intermediate barriers are symmetrical in cross-section and can be used for either verge or central reserve applications by turning them upside down. Barriers should be aligned according to the direction of the traffic flow, using the directional arrow cast into the face for orientation. Units are connected at the scarf joint, using M24 diameter high tensile bolts. Each TVCB can also be fixed to the carriageway if required by using anchor plates bolted to the underside of the barriers.

  • Provides a safe working area – protecting the workforce from vehicles travelling next to the site
  • Protection for the travelling public from roadside and site hazards
  • A safe and effective separation between opposing traffic streams in contraflows, by preventing ‘crossover’ accidents whilst maximising available carriageway width due to low deflections
  • Prevention for unauthorised vehicular access to site compounds, forecourts, car parks, fields or other property
  • Temporary aggregate bays or other storage areas
  • A security barrier for protection against vehicle-borne attacks, ram-raiders etc
  • Counter-weights or kentledge for scaffolding suspended shuttering, piling rigs etc.
  • Direction and protection for pedestrians or light vehicles in quarries, airports or other industrial, commercial or public areas
  • In conjunction with Multifence MultiFence PAS 68 – a high-security, easily-moved temporary perimeter fence

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