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To complement our wide range of MUGAs, Zaun also has several MUGA accessories and add-ons that may be used to enhance your multi-use games area further. Zaun’s MUGAs are installed around the world, and each MUGA is different depending on the different requirements of the sports club, leisure centre or school. For example, a sports pitch predominantly used for football may also require netting to split the pitch for smaller games to increase the return on investment for the venue. Therefore divider netting is the perfect solution.

Other MUGAs may require additional ball stop netting to stop stray balls escaping the area of play due to the surrounding areas. Others may need additional storage areas for the different sports that are played on the pitch. Every MUGA is different, so Zaun has several additional solutions which may be added to our standard MUGAs.

In addition to practical enhancements, it is also possible to add additional MUGA accessories to enhance the aesthetical look of the MUGA, including bespoke signs or shapes to attach to the fencing, transitional panels to remove the harsh transition from one height to another and to design with a wide range of colours to make the MUGA more attractive.