Flat Razor Wire

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Flat Wrap Razor Wire fencing deters intruders fence toppings
Flat Wrap Razor Wire
Flat Wrap Razor Wire fencing deters intruders fence toppings

Flat Razor Wire or barbed tape, designed to provide substantially more security than the standard concertina barbed tape as it provides a neat and unobtrusive form.

Zaun’s Flat Razor Wire have a high tensile reinforced band. Provides the maximum strength possible, making it very difficult to cut. In addition, the flat coil can be reduced from a 700mm wide coil to a less than 10mm coil and substantially more secure.

Manufactured from various metal compound options, including hot-dip galvanised (275g/m2), stainless steel grade 304 or stainless steel grade 430—an overall length of 15m per reel. Reels are available with overall diameters of either 500mm, 700mm or 900mm coils.

Flat razor wire is ideal for use in more crowded conditions than standard concertina razor wire. In addition, flat Razor Wire coils are located in one place, making the design much more compact.

This razor wire security fence topping is designed to protect facilities in urban areas where you can not use spiral razor security barriers because of its size. Instead, flat razor mesh barrier security can be designed and installed onto our range of perimeter fences and gates.

Flat Razor Wire Toppings Legislation

Warning signs must be installed along the fence line as part of the Occupier’s Liability Act of 1984 and Highways Act 1980, warning the general public of the dangerous razor wire above. These 250mm x 90mm signs can be supplied by Zaun, in addition to the fencing and barbed wire. These are NOT sold separately.


It is recommended that when handling razor wire, gauntlet gloves are worn to protect the installer from the sharp edges of the wire.

Maintenance of Flat Razor Wire Toppings

Minimal maintenance is required once installed; razor wire usually stays effective for as long as needed. However, for optimum security, a regular check of the perimeter for any trapped debris, litter or bags within the wires is required to ensure the wire maintains its effectiveness. Any damaged wires can be quickly and easily repaired without removing the entire structure.

  • A neat, unobtrusive appearance
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Reduces boundary overhang and public liability
  • Easily fixed over gate pivots
  • Compliments our existing range of perimeter security fencing solutions
  • Difficult to cut with standard cutting tools
  • Easily installed above or against existing mesh fencing systems
  • An effective but neat barrier solution

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