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There are many challenges to specifying high-security fencing for the higher risk sites, but keeping intruders out is usually the top priority. Others could include a safe evacuation and access to the site, whilst still remaining secure. Other sites may look to minimise the attention drawn to a site as it is close to residential or commercial properties and not in keeping with the local surroundings.

It has become increasingly important to specify certified and approved products, rather than to rely on a manufacturers’ assurance, to ensure security performance at an appropriate level and to a recognised standard. Products should be sourced from accredited manufacturers.

Here at Zaun, our passion for innovation and high quality has helped us meet the standards and certifications required for high-security sites, including LPS 1175, Secured by Design, Ministry of Justice, CPNI ‘Approved for Government Use’ and PAS 68. We ensure for these types of sites, that our products are approved and tested fencing.

Our Approved Products

CPNI Approved Fences
LPS1175 Issue 8 Certificate Zaun
PAS 68 Logo
Secured By Design
Ministry of Justice

In-House Tested Fencing

Before any product is launched to the market we put the products through very rigorous in-house testing, before submitting for external approvals. These products vary in range, and feature from both aspects of our business areas including sport.