What is BSi PAS 68?

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BSi PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security fencing, gates, blockers, bollards and barriers. It has become the standard and benchmark for all Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products. It is this specification that all physical perimeter security equipment is tested to prevent vehicle borne attacks.

The BSi PAS 68 Specification

The BSi PAS 68 specification is specifically designed to define the type of vehicle, mass and speed of impact along with the required vehicle and test item detail that is recorded and reported. After the impact test and if the test has also been successful and stopped and immobilised the vehicle. The penetration distance of the impacted vehicle is then measured. The measurements can then be used to decide which of the successfully tested products are most suitable for each site.

The Classification Code

All projects that are specifying any HVM equipment, will do so to not only protect a site from terrorists and potential ram-raiding, but also due to the heavy-duty properties of the products. There is a wide range of different test specifications including BSi PAS 68 and IWA 14. There is also a range of values within each specification, depending on the kinetic energy values. It is important to also know which level of HVM is required.

Typically this result would read as PAS68:2010 V/2500[N1G]/48/90.0/0.0/0

Vehicle Test Weight (Kg) Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed (Kph) Angle Penetration of Vehicle Dispersion of Debris
V 2500 [N1G] 48 90:0 0.0 0

Typically this result would read as PAS68:2010 V/2500[N1G]/48/90.0/0.0/0

Vehicle Energy

The test criteria are selected from one of the following vehicle types with three different speed options.

Weight x 1000 kg 80 Kph 64 Kph 48 Kph
7.5t 1852kj 1185kj 667kj
3.5t 864kj 553kj 311kj
2.5t 617kj 395kj 222kj
1.5t 370kj 237kj 133kj