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Which Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures are right for you?

Which Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures are right for you?

11th October 2016

If there is a risk that your site or premises may be targeted by either terrorists or high-level criminals, we strongly recommend that you install a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) system. Terrorists and large criminal organisations can often source vehicles that can be used to break into various sites, so it’s best to guard against any form of automotive attack. But what type of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measures should you install? The answer depends on the size of your premises, its location and how much legitimate vehicular traffic it has to accommodate.

1. Size

If your site or premises is relatively small or compact, it’s important to make the most of the available space with HVM measures that can be integrated into your site’s existing perimeter and stop an intruder’s vehicle when it’s very close to its target. For example, you may wish to incorporate our Terror Stopper bi-folding gates or hinged gates into the perimeter and replace your existing security fencing solution with our HiSec Super PAS 68 fencing solution, which can stop most vehicles in their tracks but also serves as a conventional fencing solution. However, if you have more space, you may wish to focus on stopping vehicles before they can reach the main part of your site or premises. You may choose to use bollards or separate vehicular barriers to accomplish this.

2. Location

If your site or premises are located in a built-up area and can be accessed via roads, vehicular attacks are likely to come along one of these roads. In this case, you can focus on stopping attacking vehicles while moving along a road towards you. For example, you can install retractable bollards that can be used to stop clearly hostile vehicles, or you can install mount blockers, which can only be passed over in one direction, thereby limiting the manoeuvrability of hostile vehicles. However, if your site or premises is in an isolated location with minimal road access, terrorists or criminals may choose to attack you using off-road vehicles from any angle. In this case, you should focus on an effective fencing solution that can encompass your entire site.

3. Level of legitimate vehicular traffic

If your site has to accommodate a high number of vehicles as part of its day-to-day operation, some solutions may not be workable. Separate vehicular barriers or fences that have to unfold for each vehicle individually may slow down legitimate traffic, for example. However, you can still use bollards, mount blockers and fencing solutions. However, if your site doesn’t get high levels of vehicular traffic, you can utilise the toughest, most resilient solutions available without disrupting the running of your site.

By considering the size and location of your site, along with how much traffic it usually gets, you can decide which HVM measures suit your circumstances best. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to contact Zaun today.