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Choosing the right fence for your site

Choosing the right fence for your site

17th November 2016

Every site, property and premise is different, which is why we at Zaun believe that security fencing should be as diverse as possible. Our goal is to provide the widest possible range of fencing solutions so that our clients will always find one that suits their needs. But what if you’re not sure what type of security fencing you need? We’ve created a list of four major types of fencing and the situations they are best suited to. We hope this helps you decide which style of fencing solution is best for your site, premises or property.

1. Electrified fencing

Some sites need strong deterrents that can stop intruders in their tracks. Electrified fencing provides a physical barrier that can also give miscreants a painful, incapacitating shock if they attempt to scale it or cut it. Consequently, it is one of the most effective deterrents available. It can be used to protect isolated storage facilities that contain valuable commodities and out-of-the-way private properties. It can even be used around farmland to stop intruders disturbing livestock or interfering with crops. However, as we have discussed in previous blog entries, it cannot generally be deployed in built-up areas or on sites used by large numbers of people, as it poses a danger to anyone who happens to contact it.

2. Mesh fencing

Mesh fencing is a very structurally resilient fencing option. It is flexible enough to absorb and dissipate significant levels of physical force but is also tough enough not to break apart when subjected to pressure for sustained periods. Mesh fencing is beneficial for protecting sites and buildings where valuable commodities are stored and need to be accessed by many workers or consumers. This is because it is a very secure option that doesn’t pose a hazard to individuals who use the site. Therefore, it can be used to protect certain businesses, warehouses and similar locations. It can also be used to prevent members of the public from accessing potentially dangerous locations, such as construction sites.

3. Railings

While railings don’t offer the same level of protection as mesh fences or electrified fences, they are secure enough to protect most homes and small businesses. They are also more stylish and unimposing than other fencing options, making them ideal for protecting public buildings and spaces.

4. Integrated mesh solutions

Most types of fencing have to be set up around the perimeter of a site. Integrated solutions, however, can be incorporated into the architecture of the building that needs to be protected. This makes them ideal for protecting properties in crowded areas where there may not be space to establish a proper perimeter.

Whatever type of fencing you need, Zaun can supply it. Get in touch with us today to find out more.