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Building Site Fencing

Building Site Fencing

Ensuring that you have the best construction and building site fencing that is safe and secure is vital to both the site owner and the public. Ensuring the building site is secure and locked down from fascinated children, intruders, thieves, and vandals has recently become more important. They have become a gold mine for organised thieves looking for rich natural resources and building materials. They are also dangerous places making it essential they are secured appropriately. These factors point to the growing need for rapidly deployable security fencing and temporary hoardings at construction, redevelopment and regeneration sites.

Fencing for Safety & Security of Construction Sites

Zaun has recognised the need to provide sufficient security for the construction industry. There is a requirement for temporary and permanent fencing solutions, which can be deployed with additional security options, including toppings, access control, perimeter detection and rapid deploy CCTV camera columns. Zaun’s high-security temporary building site fencing can be deployed in no time, making your construction site highly secure. Once work is completed, permanent fencing must surround the location, manufactured to the customer requirements.

Zaun’s temporary fencing requires no grounding anchors and sit onto the top of the ground, requiring no civils for the installation.

Fencing for Safety & Security of Construction Sites

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Zaun Rapid Deploy System (RDS) family extended

“Zaun RDS Original” was introduced in 2012 and has since been widely used at major events throughout the UK.  It was a pioneering product providing a surface mounted, rapid deploy fence that was properly resistant to the natural elements and a malicious attack.  Now, in 2021, Zaun is expanding the family with the RDS StrongHold

Zaun uplifts SR range to latest BRE standard

High-security perimeter systems manufacturer Zaun has uplifted all of its Security Ratings (SR) range to the latest certifications from the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE). BRE has revised its SRs to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 as certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and listed in their Red Book. The latest revision of LPS1175

Water Utility Fencing for Thames Water with ArmaWeave

The UK’s largest water and waste company has awarded two multi-million-pound perimeter protection contracts to security fencing systems manufacturer Zaun Ltd. Thames Water Utilities extended its Security and Emergency Measures Direction framework agreement with Zaun to supply and install security fencing and gates for a further two years as part of the current Asset Management

Original temporary electric fence now deploys even faster

The original anti-vehicle rapid-deploy temporary electric fence system – first used in tandem on the London 2012 Olympics – is now even quicker and easier to roll out with a pre-configured ‘ends’ to pulse-protected ‘zones’. Three leading names in perimeter security have collaborated to incorporate the new temporary electric fence technology into the established SecureGuard HVM

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Mesh fencing versus hoarding: which is the right temporary fencing solution for you?

Temporary fencing is beneficial for securing events. It can be set up quickly and easily before the event begins and dismantled as soon as it’s over. However, you may be wondering what type of temporary fencing is best. You have two major options to choose from mesh fencing (which is made from metal wire) or

4 things to consider when choosing security fencing

Security fencing is a very effective way of keeping intruders out and protecting sensitive sites. However, for it to be effective, you need to choose the right fencing. Here are four things you need to consider when you’re choosing security fencing. Visibility – Can you see through it? If you can’t see through your security

The business benefits of an RDS fencing systems

When you need to put protection in place fast without compromising security, Rapid Deploy System (RDS) fencing is ideal. The RDS temporary security fencing range can be fitted and installed without digging or pinning. What are the numerous advantages organisations can enjoy when they choose this innovative solution? A multi-purpose system RDS fencing is an

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One of the most hotly anticipated summer sporting events is the Wimbledon tennis championship. This is not only a big deal in the UK but for millions of tennis fans around the world too. With Wimbledon 2021 starting at the end of June, we do not have much longer to wait. Of course, being a