Searching for perforated fencing or perforated gates that combine security with stunning aesthetics? Look no further than Zaun’s innovative picture-perf fencing and gates. This revolutionary product utilizes cutting-edge perforation technology to create eye-catching designs directly onto the metal surface. Unlike traditional laser-cut fencing that leaves sharp edges, picture-perf prioritizes safety with a smooth, snag-free finish. But don’t be fooled by its beauty – picture-perf fencing offers superior strength and durability compared to laser-cut options.

Safety and Security with Perforated Fencing

Safety is a top concern for specifiers and fencing contractors. Traditional laser-cut fencing poses a risk due to sharp edges. Picture-perf fencing eliminates this hazard with its perforation process. This method creates intricate designs without compromising the metal’s integrity, resulting in a smooth, safe surface for everyone around the fence or gate.

Perforated Fencing and Gates

Unmatched Strength and Durability for Long-Term Protection

Specifiers require fencing solutions that can withstand the elements and resist physical challenges. Picture-perf fencing by Zaun delivers exceptional strength and durability. The perforation process removes minimal material, preserving the structural integrity of the fencing. This stands in stark contrast to laser-cut fencing, which weakens the metal by removing sections. Consequently, picture-perf fencing offers superior resistance to impact, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable long-term security solution.

Perforated Fencing and Gates

Beyond Security: Unleash Your Design Potential with Perforated Fencing and Gates

While safety and durability are crucial, specifiers often seek fencing solutions that complement a project’s aesthetics. Picture-perf fencing by Zaun surpasses expectations in this regard. The perforating technology facilitates the creation of a vast range of designs, from intricate geometric patterns to photorealistic images. This allows for seamless integration of the fencing or gate into the project’s design, transforming it from a functional necessity into a visually striking element.

Perforated Fencing and Gates

Applications for Perforated Fencing and Gates

The versatility of picture-perf fencing makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Schools and Playgrounds: The safety features and ability to incorporate colorful designs or mascots make picture-perf fencing ideal for securing schools and playgrounds.
  • Public Buildings and Spaces: Perforated fencing with intricate patterns or building logos can elevate the visual appeal of public areas.
  • Commercial Properties: Businesses can leverage picture-perf fencing to enhance their brand image by incorporating logos or other design elements.

Beyond Traditional Applications: Perforated Fencing for Unique Needs

  • Zoos and Wildlife Parks: Picture-perf fencing can be incorporated as hero panels within existing fencing systems, showcasing the animals directly on the fencing!
  • Healthcare and Hospitals: With perforations less than 8mm, picture-perf fencing offers zero finger traps, making it ideal for seclusion gardens or hospital garden screening.

The Future of Fencing is Perforated

Zaun’s picture-perf fencing and gates represent a significant advancement in fencing technology. By prioritizing safety, durability, and aesthetics, this innovative product offers a solution that surpasses the limitations of traditional laser-cut fencing. With its limitless design potential and superior functionality, picture-perf fencing is poised to redefine expectations for fencing applications across the UK and Europe.

About Zaun

Zaun is the only in-house British Manufacturer of Woven and Welded Mesh Fencing Systems. For 27 years, they have been the trusted manufacturing partner for sports and physical perimeter security. With a wide range of fencing, gate, and HVM solutions they can offer Protection Through Innovation for your next project.

Located in the West Midlands, they are a privately owned company first formed in 1996 and continuing to promote British manufacturing on the world stage. A proud member of Made in Britain and Made in the West Midlands, Zaun has worked on numerous projects around the world from Border Security and Airports, to Sports and Critical National Infrastructure.

The continued investment in their manufacturing processes and systems has enabled the latest in problem-solving and innovation. At the same time, an approach to ‘The Right People in the Right Places’ puts the customer experience at the heart of their business.

The quality of their wide range of systems is assured through ISO 9001 and third-party certification for high-security and HVM solutions including LPS 1175, Secured by Design, Approved for UK Government Use (NPSA), and PAS 68.

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