Hospital Perimeter Security

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Hospital Perimeter Security Fencing

Employers have to do everything in their power to reduce risks to their workers and to the public they serve and the buildings and equipment they use. This means hospitals, health centres, nursing homes, and mental health units routinely secure their boundaries, control access to units and specific areas and monitor who goes in and out. It is now commonplace to see CCTV and card-control access and even perimeter intruder detection systems and high-security toppings on fence lines.

The same applies to emergency services stations where vehicles are stored and maintained. Response crews wait on duty to be called out to emergencies, including police, fire, ambulance, air ambulance and coastguard stations. Zaun can provide solutions to protect staff and the public and monitor access to specific areas of the site. Zaun’s range of perimeter fencing, which can be supplied with various additional security options including monitoring software, CCTV, intruder detection and access control, ensures that both the staff and public are kept safe and secure.

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