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HiSec 358 fencing: What makes it the perfect choice for hospital security?

HiSec 358 fencing: What makes it the perfect choice for hospital security?

23rd November 2021

Even though hospitals help people, they can sadly still be victims of crime and vandalism. This is naturally not only dangerous for staff and visitors but also hampers the service they provide. To help mitigate this threat, it is wise for hospitals to use perimeter fencing to protect their site. One of the best options for hospitals to use is HiSec 358 high-security fencing. But why is this?

Tough to climb and hard to breach

Perimeter fencing for hospitals must be tough and able to keep intruders out. HiSec 358 fencing scores highly in this regard and is a fabulous option. The innovative design has a close mesh formation which is difficult to get fingers or toes into. This means it is almost impossible to climb without external assistance. In addition, each panel is securely fixed in place via a durable clamp bar. This makes pulling the panels away from the posts to gain access almost impossible too.

A fully integrated solution for hospitals

HiSec 358 security fencing is a good option for hospitals as it can integrate fully with other systems. You can, for example, use this fencing alongside PIDs, CCTV and fence toppings for extra protection. This makes it simpler to cover large sites properly and makes it much harder for intruders to break in without being noticed. As such, HiSec 358 can be used with other systems as a complete security solution.

Easy access for authorised visitors and staff

Of course, it is important to install high-security fencing that enables easy access for people allowed on site. HiSec 358 hits the mark again here because it can be supplied with pedestrian and vehicle gates. This means there are secure access points for people to use, which can be monitored for total safety.

HiSec 358 hospital fencing from Zaun

At Zaun, the HiSec 358 welded mesh fencing we manufacture and supply is a great choice for hospital security. It comes with all of the above benefits and can help make your hospital grounds extra safe. Get in touch at Zaun today for more details.