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Security Mesh Fencing from Zaun features a wide range of products that have been specifically designed and manufactured to mitigate the threats of today’s world. Each fencing system has features that prevent and delay would-be trespassers, terrorists, vandals and other miscreants from gaining access to sites.

Each security mesh fencing system is manufactured to mitigate threats to a site, depending on the toolset and the delay required on-site to mitigate the threat. Our most popular fences have been independently tested and approved by the leading test houses in the industry, including CPNI for the site of Critical National Importance (CNI) and BRE to LPS1175 Issue 8 for A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2), C5 (SR3) & D10 (SR10) fences. Each tested to defeat a set toolkit and achieve a time delay.

Zaun high-security mesh fencing has been used extensively all over the world to protect important sites. From Kuwait oil fields, Caribbean prisons and Canadian mental health units.

Zaun’s perimeter security fencing systems range is designed, developed, and manufactured in our purpose-built factories in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

ArmaWeave High Security Fencing Mesh Manufacturer Woven Mesh

ArmaWeave CPNI Fencing

A new benchmark in security fencing

HiSec Super 6 358 Mesh CPNI Approved Fencing

HiSec Super 6 CPNI Fencing

A leading security protection system that negates the need for double skin 358

HiSec LPS1175 SR1 Rated Fencing A1 Rated Fences

HiSec SR1 (A1) Fencing

Perimeter security fencing where Secured By Design & LPS1175 SR1 is required

Perimeter Security for Water Treatment Works HiSec SR2 Rated Fencing B3 Rated Fencing Integrated Security

HiSec SR2 (B3) Fencing

A Secured By Design LPS 1175 security rated B3 (SR2) fencing solution

Zaun CorruSec SR4 Rated Fencing D10 Rated Fencing SR3 Rated Fencing C10 Fencing

CorruSec SR3 (C5) Fencing

An innovative high security perimeter fencing solution with a 5 minute delay

Zaun CorruSec SR4 Rated Fencing D10 Rated Fencing

CorruSec SR4 (D10) Fencing

An innovative high security fencing system with a 10 minute delay

Zaun HiSec 358 Security Fencing Perimeter Fencing

HiSec 358 Fencing

The original 358 security fence

HiSec Prison Fencing, Prison Mesh

HiSec Prison Fencing

MoJ approved fencing ideal for prisons and mental health units

welded mesh Bezinal 2000

ArmaWeave Plus CPNI Fencing

The most advanced perimeter fencing system

ArmaSade Retrofit Palisade

ArmaSade Retrofit

A high security upgrade to existing palisade installations