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Construction Site Temporary Fencing

The security and safety of a construction site are of the utmost importance for any construction project. The construction site must meet the safety standards required while keeping the site secure from potential thieves or trespassers.

Building sites have ever been a source of intrigue and fascination for children to play in. More recently, they have become a gold mine for organised thieves looking for rich pickings of natural resources and building materials. They are also dangerous places with greater risks of injury or death for anyone untrained or not wearing the appropriate protective clothing.

It is vital to ensure that any construction site is safe and secure, with perimeter fencing fit for purpose.

Fencing for Safety & Security of Construction Sites

Ensuring that you have the best construction and building site fencing that is both safe and secure is vital to both the site owner and the public. Ensuring the building site is secure and locked down from fascinated children, intruders, thieves, and vandals has recently become more important as they have become a gold mine for organised thieves looking for rich pickings of natural resources and building materials.

They are also dangerous places making it essential they are secured appropriately. These factors point to the growing need for rapidly deployable security fencing at construction, redevelopment and regeneration sites.

Security of Site Equipment

Safety of Workers & The Public

Protecting Assets

Specialist Fencing for Construction Sites

Zaun has recognised the need in this sector to manufacture both temporary and permanent fencing solutions, which can both be deployed with additional security options, including toppings, access control, perimeter detection and rapid deploy CCTV camera columns.

Zaun’s range of construction site fencing can be deployed in no time and combined with a range of temporary security systems such as electric fencing, rapid deploy PIDS, access control and others to make your construction site highly secure. Once work is completed, permanent fencing is required to surround the location. Depending on the temporary fencing solution selected, it may be possible to use the same panels to create the permanent perimeter fencing.

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Construction Site Temporary Fencing

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