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Port security: Why is it so vital?

Port security: Why is it so vital?

25th June 2019

There are many sites where robust security measures are vital, but ports are amongst the most critical. This is naturally true for an island like Great Britain, where key locations like Liverpool or Dover need comprehensive port security measures. The same story is seen around the world – as more and more goods are transported by sea, port security in many countries is key.

But just what does securing a port offer to those in charge?

Protects the people who work there

Of course, one of the major reasons port security is needed is to protect those who work there. Robust security measures will help prevent any harm from befalling them when going about their job. This could be a simple break-in to steal goods or a full-blown terrorist attack being carried out. With the proper security measures in place, this can be detected and/or stopped before any innocent people get hurt.

Keeps out unwanted guests

The flip side of the above is that it keeps out any people who are not authorised to enter certain areas of the port. Ports contain many thousands of shipping containers, all laden with goods and items that intruders could try to steal. This risk is greatly reduced by securing access to the site, as anyone who may want to cause mischief cannot get inside.

Vigilant monitoring of shipments

Ports can be big places, and the cargo ships that arrive can hold many shipping containers. This can pose a risk to the security of the port’s country – if people or illegal goods have been stowed inside a container, for example. Proper port security measures will help avoid this by monitoring and inspecting what is delivered on each unloaded shipment.

Effective security fencing for ports

Modern measures to keep ports safe encompass many things, such as CCTV or even perimeter RADAR detection. One of the most popular though is welded and woven mesh perimeter fencing. This high-security fencing provides the best way to secure your site and keep out any unwanted guests. Get in touch today to discover how Zaun’s quality woven and welded mesh fencing can help your port stay safe.