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Common security errors and how to avoid them

Common security errors and how to avoid them

22nd September 2016

Installing a hi-tech, resilient security system is an important part of protecting your premises or site. However, it’s possible to rely too much on your security system’s technology and its innate durability. Determined intruders, vandals and criminals will probe every aspect of your security to find a way into your premises. Still, they’re unlikely to get in due to a problem with your fencing, CCTV, alarms or other security measures.

If criminals do manage to enter your site or premises uninvited, it’s far more likely to be due to human error than the result of a technological hitch. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring your security system is used properly and implemented, but we can help. We’ve decided to provide you with a list of common errors property owners and business owners can make when setting up or operating their security systems. By paying close attention to this list, you’ll be able to avoid making these errors yourself.

1. Forgoing backup generators

If your security system incorporates hi-tech elements, such as CCTV cameras or electrified fencing, you will need to ensure that it has a steady power supply. Many business owners and property owners rely on the national grid, but this is a serious mistake. If you rely on the national grid, your security system can be knocked out by a simple power cut. We recommend that you install backup generators and that your security system can start running from them at a moment’s notice.

2. Not monitoring CCTV properly

A surprising number of business owners and property owners set up their CCTV cameras but only check the footage that they record if something is actually stolen or vandalised. By this point, of course, it’s already too late to prevent a problem from occurring. So we recommend that you either check the feed from your CCTV cameras regularly or hire someone to monitor it constantly. By doing so, you increase the likelihood that you will spot a potential intruder before they’ve entered your premises and will be able to intervene before anything is stolen or vandalised.

3. Forgetting the human element

Here at Zaun, we’re proud that our security fencing and perimeter fencing options are highly effective at repelling determined criminals. However, it would help if you didn’t rely on fencing alone. Provided they are given enough time and aren’t interrupted; an intruder can break through a tough fence. It’s therefore important to have security personnel patrol your perimeter every so often: doing so sends the message that your site or property is being properly monitored, which can deter prospective intruders very effectively.

Our perimeter fencing and supplementary security systems are second-to-none, but they still need to be used properly. The mistakes we’ve listed in today’s blog entry are far too common, but there’s no need for you to be the next victim of these errors. Remain alert, avoid mistakes and keep your premises safe.

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