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3 mistakes to avoid when looking after outdoor rugby pitches

3 mistakes to avoid when looking after outdoor rugby pitches

03rd August 2021

Rugby is an enduringly popular sport around the UK, with many people playing on a casual, amateur or semi-pro basis. Many UK schools, for example, still include rugby on their PE curriculum while there are lots of amateur or semi-pro rugby clubs across the land.

As with any sport, the pitch on which rugby is played is key. If you are responsible for any outdoor rugby pitches, it is wise to know what mistakes to avoid when keeping yours in check. But what mistakes should you swerve?

Failing to install security fencing

Perimeter fencing is a real must for any outdoor rugby pitch – be it on school grounds, private land or a local authority-owned patch of grass. Without this in place, your pitch is wide open to intruders coming onto it and causing damage. This could be anything from littering to damaging the turf or posts. With high-security fencing installed, though, intruders find it much harder to cause mischief, which keeps your pitch safer. Of course, if you already have this sort of fencing installed, make sure there are no gaps or broken sections for people to breach.

Failing to keep the pitch well maintained

Even if there is no damage from vandals, outdoor rugby pitches still need to be well-maintained. This will not only make them more welcoming to use but also better to play on. It should also help reduce player injuries, as long grass or divots will not be there to trip players up. But what are the essential maintenance jobs to keep an eye on? Next to filling in divots and mowing the grass, you should reseed any bare patches of turf (ideally before regular use starts), keep it debris-free and repaint markings.

Not getting help when needed.

Although you may be experienced in looking after a rugby pitch, life can sometimes throw us curveballs which we do not know how to handle. So if something occurs which you are unsure how to deal with, do not try to guess or sort it out alone. There are many fabulous sites on the web now (like Sport England) that can offer reliable advice on any specific issues for pitch maintenance.

Security fencing for outdoor rugby pitches with Zaun

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