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Common mistakes to avoid when installing an electric fence

Common mistakes to avoid when installing an electric fence

28th May 2019

Electric fences are most suitable, economical, and safest for zoo fences, property fencing, and industrial site fencing. However, if you make one slight mistake during installation, you put your property at high risk. Below are some of the most common electric fencing mistakes to avoid.

Inadequate charger

Before buying an energiser, do proper research to find out how much power your fence requires. Putting an energiser with inadequate electronic bites won’t keep animals or intruders out. Instead, ensure maximum security by investing in a more powerful charger.

Placing the electric posts too close together

Animals and intruders will fear the shock other than the closeness of the posts. Therefore, place the posts far apart, up to 15 metres, such that the electric wire acts like a bouncy spring. This distance ensures that the posts are not knocked out of the ground and that the insulators are not broken.

Poor grounding

Improper grounding prevents the energiser from performing maximally. The amount of the rods needed depends on the size of the energiser and how much ground you need to cover. Preferably, it would help if you had three metres ground rod for every power joule. Make sure that the ground rods are placed at least 10’ apart to ensure maximum performance.

Using poor quality insulators

Low-quality insulators are susceptible to sunshine and will deteriorate after a few years of being exposed to sunlight. Instead, consider investing in black insulators as they are properly treated to withstand ultraviolet exposure.

Including steel in your electric fencing system

Using steel in an electric fence or placing a new fence near an old one puts your fence at risk of getting a complete short. Instead, consider using insulated electric posts or wood. Insulated posts are better in that you spend less time worrying about maintenance.

We have years of experience installing electric fences and will help you avoid all the above mistakes and many more. If you would like to upgrade your property fencing to an electric fence, feel free to call Zaun and make enquiries.