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Need to keep intruders out? Find out what they fear!

Need to keep intruders out? Find out what they fear!

19th October 2021

All businesses need to find ways to keep intruders out and stop criminals in their tracks. This not only keeps staff and clients safe on-site but also prevents theft and damage to your buildings. Many companies, however, get stuck on the best ways to go about it. If you find yourself in this position, it is worth learning what intruders dislike the most. This then allows you to play on their weaknesses. But which security measures do reprobates and scoundrels fear?

Security fencing

One major thing that no intruder likes is the sight of high-security fencing around any site, sports pitch or business. Even before they get close to your premises, the mere sight of imposing perimeter fencing will put them off from breaking in. Security fencing also makes it much harder physically to get in and requires lots more effort, sometimes with the prospect of injuries from falling. All of these factors make decent fencing something you should invest in.


When it comes to security measures that criminals fear, anything that can catch them in the act is something worth using. This is because the authorities can then use the hard evidence gained to confirm their identity and track them down. CCTV is the most obvious example of this in action. For this reason, it is worth making CCTV part of your integrated security set-up, even if it is just a few cameras at key spots.

Dog patrols

Although physical patrols with guard dogs are more old-school, it is still something that most intruders will run a mile from. This is because they fear being discovered by the patrol or the enhanced senses dogs have at alerting others to their presence. But, of course, they also know that guard dogs are almost impossible to outrun as well! So while this may be more suitable for larger sites, it is still one that criminals hate.

Tough welded and woven mesh fencing from Zaun

The welded and woven mesh security fencing we manufacture at Zaun is the perfect deterrent for intruders. Our expert team can install it on-site for you with no fuss and no hassle. When in place, it should see vandals or thieves look elsewhere. Get in touch at [email protected] for more information.