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How technology can bolster the security of perimeter fences

How technology can bolster the security of perimeter fences

19th April 2016

Here at Zaun, we firmly believe that the impeccable security of our perimeter fencing is the result of excellent design and ideal craftsmanship. However, the advance of technology is also responsible for making security and fencing solutions more effective. We understand how important technology is to modern security solutions, which is why we embrace electronic devices and high-tech extras that can improve our fencing. Here, we look at three areas where technology can be used to improve perimeter fencing security.

1. Monitoring

Perimeter intrusion detection systems and CCTV cameras can be attached to your security fencing to help you spot intruders before they breach your perimeter. CCTV cameras can also help you identify would-be intruders after they have already departed. Whatever type of monitoring system you choose, integrating it into your security fencing solution can deter potential intruders and help you identify attempted security breaches before they develop into something more serious.

2. Electrification

All our fencing solutions are highly secure simply because of the way they are designed and made. However, if you want to add an extra level of security, you can always opt for an electrified fencing system. Electrification is one of the simplest ways to prevent miscreants from attempting to breach your security fencing, but it is also one of the most effective. After all, nobody wants to risk receiving an electric shock to gain access to a residence, premises or event.

3. Gateway security

Electronically operated gates can help you avoid letting the wrong people past your perimeter without hiring security personnel to guard the entrances and exits. You may opt for electronically operated gates that can be opened by a password or key, or you may prefer to install gates that can only be operated remotely from a security terminal. Whatever system you choose, electronic gates are perfect if you need to secure your perimeter’s entrance and exit points cost-effectively.

Here at Zaun, we are committed to integrating technology into our security fencing solutions wherever it is appropriate to do so. So, if you need security fencing supported by modern technology, why not take a look at our integrated security solutions today?