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Dealing with weaknesses in your secure perimeter

Dealing with weaknesses in your secure perimeter

16th August 2016

Here at Zaun, nothing is more important to us than the security of your premises or event. That’s why we sell all the fencing solutions and security apparatus you need to create an impenetrable perimeter (as we discussed in our previous blog entry). However, having the right fencing and apparatus isn’t always enough to ensure that premises or event is secure: you also need to identify and address potential weaknesses in your perimeter before they can cause problems.

It is important that you are vigilant and diligent when it comes to spotting potential issues, because even the most advanced security system won’t protect you if there’s a gap or flaw that criminals and intruders can exploit. If you run a major corporation or are responsible for a large, international event, you can always hire security specialists such as Zaun and our partners, to identify and resolve potential problems. Meanwhile, if you are a small business owner or wish to protect a personal project or site, there are several steps you can take to check the security of your own perimeter. We’ll go through them for you in today’s blog:

1. Check for gaps in your fencing and places where criminals may be able to climb over

Your security fencing is the most basic and essential part of your perimeter, so it’s important that you ensure that it is up to the task of protecting your site. Walk around the edge of security fencing and try to spot gaps, weak areas where a gap could be created and places where criminals might be able to climb over. Once you have noticed these potential problems, they can be dealt with by adding security fencing, reinforcing your existing fencing or (in the case of potential climb-points) adding fence toppings.

2. Identify gaps in your CCTV coverage

If you use a CCTV system to monitor your perimeter, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t have any blind-spots. Get to know your perimeter and then check to make sure that your CCTV cameras can see every part of it. Criminals can exploit gaps in CCTV coverage to gain entrance to premises unobserved, so don’t give them any gaps!

3. Check the physical resilience of your fencing and security measures

Think carefully about the kind of threats your perimeter is likely to have to cope with. For example, do you think intruders will try to cut through your fencing with bolt cutters or ram through using vehicles? It’s advisable to check how resilient your perimeter is to the kind of attacks you are expecting. You don’t necessarily have to put it to the test physically: if you purchased your fencing from us, we can tell you what type of threats it can deal with. If it isn’t sufficiently resilient, it can be augmented with extra security systems.

Be thorough when you check your perimeter’s security. Remember that carrying out careful checks and identifying problems can help you prevent break-ins and protect your premises or event from significant threats.

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